Customer service/ One Team, One Goal

Deposit Refund Information

Initial Deposits

Electric $150.00
Basic or XB Cable $75.00
HD/DVR Box (new or current customer with late pay) $200.00 per box
Internet $75.00
Water only account $75.00


After 12 consecutive months of prompt payments on a residential service, the deposit will be refunded toward the account.

Any past due bill owed by any adult living in the residence must be paid before services can be connected.

If paying a bad debt account, it must be paid in cash or debit/credit card.

A connect fee of $30 will be charged when service is established.

In order to connect electric and water service the same day, the customer must call or be at the PLWC office no later than 3:30pm.

Waiver of Deposit

The deposit will be waived if a Letter of Credit from another utility is provided confirming prompt payments during the past twelve (12) consecutive months. (on residential accounts only).