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Biosolids Land Application

PLWC's Biosolids Facility is a State of the Art Biosolids Treatment Facility. It consists of a gravity thickening table, aerated digester, belt filter press, boiler and dryer. The facility is currently operated 4 days a week, 12 hours a day.

The purpose of the gravity-thickening table is to reduce the amount of water in the biosolids. This is done to maximize the solids entering the digester. Approximately 400 gallons per minute can be processed. Biosolids are then sent to the digester and aerated for about 30 days. This is to help stabilize and breakdown the biosolids for further treatment.

The function of the belt filter press is to prepare the biosolids for drying. Like the gravity-thickening table, the amount of water in the biosolids is decreased. Two belts "sandwich" the biosolids, and press the water out producing a cake with a consistency similar to play-doh. The belt filter press can process 60 gallons per minute. The boiler generates steam for the dryer, and is the first electric boiler in the United States to be used for the treatment of municipal biosolids.

PLWC's dryer is the 3rd Municipal Application in the United States for Komline-Sanderson, and in 2002 it is was the largest municipal unit installed to date. Its purpose is to dry the solids, generating a fine, sandy product. The dryer operates at a temperature of 250 to 300 Fahrenheit, and can process up to 600 lbs per hour generating approximately 5 yds of Biosolids per week.