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Round up Program

Your Change for the Better

Round Up is a program designed to benefit non-profit organizations within our community. Paragould Light Water and Cable customers are given the opportunity to Round Up their monthly utility bill to the next dollar amount and the spare change will be donated to selected organizations quarterly. The maximum amount that a customer may donate is $11.88 a year ($.99 a month).

The Round Up program has successfully donated over $125,000 to local organizations. To participate in Round Up all a customer has to do is simply check the appropriate box, marked Round Up, on their monthly utility bill and their bill will automatically be Rounded Up to the next dollar amount. If you would like your bill automatically rounded up each month, please check the box and sign your name on the line below. If you have any questions about the program or would like for your organization to be included in the Round Up program please call 870-239-7700.